Mussoorie! Queen Of Hills

“Remember how far you have come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you use to be.” ~ Rick Warren

Sometimes things can be the best and the worst at the same time! :) This trip being the first one, with my mates for the next 5 years at IIT Roorkee was definitely one hell of a ride. I rate Mussoorie right up there.

End of End Terms, and so the semester holidays weren’t far. One of the goals for the semester was already lost after the MTEs 😛, but I had come a long way past the academic goals.

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Leaving for Mussoorie at C Block, Rajendra Bhawan.


28th Nov | 6:30 AM Sharp that’s what they said.

Around 7:00 AM someone came in banging my door “Utth bhai Utth (Wake up brother, wake up!)”. I knew that, probably everyone knew that, we can’t and we never will start on time. Atleast that’s not possible on chilly Roorkee mornings. Yes, Roorkee located in the foothills of Himalayas, experiences winters of the kind where your body refuses to get out of that soft quilt in the morning.

We, group of 7, took a bus to Dheradun hoping to have brunch at McDonalds after reaching the city, which like our “sharp” morning plan obviously didn’t pan out the way we planned.

Dehradun around 9:00 AM Everything hustling bustling at the bus stop, the city was high on life and the bus stop was crowded like sardines in a can. Take an auto to Mussoorie point shouted Sambit and without a second thought everyone followed him leaving the McD plan as if it didn’t exist.

Who knew what was planned for our “COMFORTABLE” journey. We took another bus from Dheradun to the target destination Mussoorie.

Paint aged. Scruffy and Scratched, down at heels. Endless graffiti attacks, application and removal of fablon adverts, along with knocks and bumps. Dilapidated. Ok ok!! I’ll stop, but you get the point, right?! I’m talking about the bus. It had the oldest surving engine and I guess retirement age was close for the vehicle. Even the bus’ motto was “BAS AUR NAHI”. No more dad jokes, I swear.

After covering a few miles the engine was hot and the it broke down. Fortunately it only needed some time to cool and we reached safely covering 30 kms in an hour and 30 minutes.

Way to Bunkotel

Everyone super excited and full of energy, we tighten the straps carrying the bags following our tech advisor Mr. Shashank PM navigates through the roads (probably the only road :P) hoping google will show the right way to the hotel. “Obviously google maps show the right directions!”~ Shashank PM, THAT’S NOT TRUE (Haha! maybe a story for another day). Walked the tall vertical mussooorie roads. After about 600 meters (which felt like 2kms) and travelling all the way through the mall road we finally saw the name.

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Bunkotel the board said, but, we all stood gazing. There was a board but no entrance. LOL!

Interestingly it was also blacklisted on Make MY Trip xD. For a minute we stood like fools in the middle of the road contemplating if we were duped into booking a fake hotel. First trip and bunch of college freshie noobs. After 10 minutes of questioning around and applying our brains we found a small way into the hotel through a completely different shop.s

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Dorm with bunk beds

It was clean, comfortable and cool. Best of all, pocket friendly :) Yeah and thats for 2 nights!.

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Perfect for a hosteller

We asked the hotel staff to reccomend us some good places nearby and decided to take lunch at Domino’s Pizza. Later we returned back to our room and slept for a while. Next, I wake up and before i could take it all in we were off to see the Sunset at GunHill.

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Gun Hill

Trek was steep and we were racing the sunset in 10 minutes. We reached the Gunhill Point, Mussorie just on time. One hell of a view it was in the freezing winds.