Array Libraries Interoperability

Anirudh Dagar

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Array Providers





JAX etc.

Array Consumers





einops etc.

NumPy, CuPy, PyTorch or SciPy aren’t gonna hit as hard as all of them when used together. But it ain’t about finding a way to use them individually; it’s about making them work together. That’s how interoperable science is done. Rocky Balboa

Try using non-NumPy with SciPy

# Estimate power spectral density using Welch’s method.
# SciPy offers a method `welch` for doing exactly that.
from scipy.signal import welch

freq, Pxx = welch(x)

# For CuPy
ValueError: object __array__ method not producing an array

# For PyTorch
TypeError: can't convert cuda:0 device type tensor to numpy.

Python Array API

  • Standard Array API across all array/tensor frameworks.
  • NEP 47 or __array_namespace__ protocol

Python Array API: Use Case

  • add hardware accelerator and distributed support to SciPy
  • simplify einops by removing the backend system

Array API Demo: SciPy with PyTorch Tensors

PyTorch Contributions

Improve Array API Compliance in PyTorch


  • backend / dispatch mechanism
  • separately define an API; backends contain separate implementations of that API.
  • user can register an implementation

uarray Tracker : Issue #14353

SciPy uarray ndimage PR:

# SciPy ndimage with CuPy array
from scipy import ndimage
import cupy as cp

with scipy.ndimage.set_backend('cupy'):
    y_cupy = ndimage.correlate1d(cp.arange(10),
                                 cp.array([1, 2.5]))

uarray Demo: SciPy with CuPy Arrays


Anirudh Dagar

This talk on Github: anirudhdagar/qs-intern-talk